2019 National Preparedness Symposium

The Center for Domestic Preparedness welcomed more than 200 guests to the National Preparedness Symposium. Topics of conversation included the latest information about man-made and natural threats facing communities across the nation. This annual symposium provides information to officers and coordinators from state and local levels who deliver training and exercises to first responders and community members.

Experts from all over the country came into Anniston to share ideas and techniques in an effort to get preparedness embedded in the communities as much as possible. Pete Gaynor, who is FEMA’s Acting Administrator, delivered the keynote address. He served in the Marine Corps for more than 25 years in addition to receiving his Master’s degree in National Security and Strategic Studies.

Gaynor says the country has experienced a lot of disastrous activity within the last two years due to hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes and more. With the amount of damage that has been done, Gaynor says that there needs to be a team effort to help fully restore our country.

Another topic of discussion involved the new Integrated Public Alert and Warning System called, “IPAWS” and how it differs from the old fashion analog way. All 10 FEMA regions, most states and several tribal representatives participated in today’s Symposium.


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