Calhoun County Resident to Appear in A&E TV Series

16 people from around the country were chosen to participate in an American TV series that is expected to air this Wednesday for the first time. One of the participants chosen lives right here in Calhoun County. Nathan Young has many talents that include creating signs and blogging and for the past year and a half, he has been working with A&E Network of New York to help showcase his talents to potential employers through a show called “The Employables.”

This new docu-series follows job seekers with disabilities as they search to find meaningful employment. Young says that although he has a disability, he still has the skills to excel long-term in a career. With “The Employables” set to air all over the country beginning on Wednesday, Young says he hopes this encourages others to find their purpose in life.

Young spoke to Alabama Governor Kay Ivey about being the only Alabamian featured on the “The Employables” and hopes this series will spur discussion about getting more people with disabilities into the workforce. Nathan’s episode is scheduled to air Wednesday at 9pm on A&E Network.


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