'Feeding Alabama' Summer Program

With students being out for summer vacation across East Alabama, many who rely on school meals are now left wondering where their next balanced meal will come from. Feeding Alabama is a summer feeding program that is available for students all summer long.

Feeding Alabama is a program created by the US Department of Agriculture that helps students sustain themselves over the summer by supplying nutrition balanced meals. The summer feeding program fed 30,000 kids and teenagers last summer. Tony Diez, Director for Feeding Alabama, explains why feeding programs are so important.

Feeding Alabama will make continuous deliveries to dozens of locations throughout several surrounding counties. Diez says the meals are kept safe, and fresh under the formula provided by the US Department of Agriculture.

The Feed Alabama Summer Program will start June 3rd until July 31st. Free breakfast and lunch will be provided at participating locations for students ages 2 to 18. Any organization taking care of children is welcome to participate. To find out how you can help or to find a feeding location near you, call 256-624-6303.


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