Jacksonville City Councilman Resigns

The City of Jacksonville community has some big shoes to fill as one of its city council members has resigned. Councilman Jimmy Harrell was elected in 2016 and was scheduled to remain in office until 2020, but Harrell and his family will be moving out of the district. After the city council voted to approve Harrell’s resignation during Monday’s meeting, a reception was held for Harrell to show the community’s appreciation.

The city council will be accepting resumes with letters of interest until June 18th. The replacement council member will be chosen at the next council meeting on June 24th and can serve until the 2020 elections. Minimum qualifications are shown in the video. You can submit resumes and letters of interest to the email provided or deliver them to the City Clerk at City Hall. For more information, you can visit the City of Jacksonville’s Facebook page.


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