CDC Issues Warning on Fecal Parasites in Water

The Center for Disease Control is warning swimmers about a parasite that can live for days in pools and lakes. Cryptosporidium, also known as “Crypto,” is a parasite spread by feces and can make other swimmers sick if they swallow a mouthful of contaminated water. The CDC has seen a 13% increase each year with the amount of people that contract it.

Although most germs are killed within minutes by chlorine, Crypto is a germ that can survive in pool waters for at least seven days. Parents, before your child gets inside the pool, make sure they shower for at least one minute in addition to showering right after they get out. You are encouraged to check out the location’s latest inspection results. Also, if you are sick with diarrhea, do not get inside the water.

This germ could be worse for pregnant women, kids, or anyone with a weak immune system who contracts it.


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