Hobson City Works to Solve Postal Identity Crisis

The town of Hobson City is working to find a solution to an ongoing ZIP code issue that has residents concerned about the future of their town. Hobson City is Alabama’s first African-American city that is also Calhoun County’s smallest city with nearly 800 residents. Like other small towns, Hobson City oftentimes gets mistaken for the City of Anniston through mail and GPS navigations.

Although this has been an issue for quite some time, Hobson City Mayor Alberta McCrory was recently mistaken for the Mayor of Anniston at conference in Kansas City, Missouri, simply due to the fact that the two municipalities share the same ZIP code. Residents within the town often receive delayed mail or mail with an Anniston address, and Mayor McCrory says the town has been trying to get its own ZIP code for more than 30 years as an effort to eliminate several issues including the town’s mistaken identity. Mayor McCrory says that people also have trouble receiving business licenses within the area, and residents fear Hobson City could lose its name to Anniston or Oxford if the town is not given the opportunity to thrive.

Municipalities are only allowed to apply for a ZIP code once every 10 years. Mayor McCrory says they applied for a change in 2009 and reapplied earlier this year.


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