Coming Soon: Calhoun Co. Football Media Day

The official start date of the high school football season is August 22nd, but later this month we will get our full fix of the preseason buzz with a special event. The Calhoun County Quarterback Club has announced that they are set to host the Calhoun County Football Media Day. All 12 teams that hit the gridiron will be in attendance with the team’s head coach and two players serving as representatives. The event is set for July 26th at the Anniston Country Club. This media day follows a growing trend of preseason sessions for all things high school football prior to the 2019 campaign.

Participating Teams 6A - Oxford 5A - Alexandria 4A - Jacksonville 4A - Anniston 4A - White Plains 3A - Piedmont 3A - Saks 3A - Weaver 3A - Pleasant Valley 3A - Wellborn 2A - Ohatchee 1A - Donoho


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