ABC Beverages Announces Sweepstakes for Limited Release Liquors

Customers looking for out-of-the-ordinary liquors have been invited to sign up for a chance to win a place in line later this month when the state ABC Board sells a number of what it calls “limited release” products.

Because it believes these liquors will generate lots of consumer demand, the board is holding its first-ever limited-release sweepstakes starting today to give customers a chance at one of 150 places in line. To enter, customers must visit the ABC website and register.

Applications will be accepted through August 21st. The winners will gather at ABC Store Number 72 on the Eastchase Parkway in Montgomery on the morning of August 24th. Each winner receives a specific place in line where they can purchase restricted quantities of these highly allocated brands from multiple suppliers.

Although the specific brands have not been announced, the board says it plans to sell bourbons, tequilas, scotches and other small-batch spirits.


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