New Identification Procedures for Air Travel Coming on Oct. 1st

If you’re making plans for a trip this fall, there’s a change in federal regulations that could affect you. The AAA of Alabama says airline travelers may need to present a different form of identification when boarding a domestic flight after October 1st. That’s when a new law takes effect requiring passengers to show a current passport, a passport card, a military ID or a driver’s license that meets new federal standards.

In Alabama, such a license is called a STAR ID, and it’s issued only at offices that give the driver’s license exams. Here in Calhoun County, that’s the State Trooper office in Jacksonville. AAA spokesman Clay Ingram says now is a good time to get the new ID because it may become harder to go through the process as the October 1st deadline approaches.

For more information about getting a STAR ID, you can visit the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s website at


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