Anniston and Oxford Join National Public Safety Partnership Program

Reducing crime rates should be a priority in every city. Two cities have collectively joined forces through a program from the United States Department of Justice to help drive down crime within our region. Local, federal and state officials gathered today to initiate The National Public Safety Partnership program.

This program will serve as a framework for the Department of Justice to enhance its support of state, tribal, and local law enforcement officers and prosecutors in the investigation, and prosecution of violent crime, especially crime related to gun violence, gangs, and drug and human trafficking. The Justice Department will work collaboratively with Anniston and Oxford police departments to provide training and technical assistance in areas such as crime analytics.

US Attorney Jay Town says it’s time to return the communities back to its rightful owners. The PSP program is a three year commitment and since 2017, the Justice Department has directed nearly $14.9 million in customized training and technical assistance to help build crime fighting capacity with more than 30 jurisdictions under the program.

Many participating cities have already seen dramatic reductions in violent crime.


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