Students Sign Commitments to Join Alabama FAME Program

An innovative program that will provide the necessary tools for people to enter the manufacturing workforce after five semesters of training has selected more than a dozen students to participate.

16 students were all smiles as they signed on the dotted lines, their commitment to the Alabama Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education Program at Gadsden State Community College. This new program will offer in-class training as well as hands on experience in the industrial manufacturing workforce with minimum pay included.

For five semesters, students will attend Gadsden State for 16 hours a week while also working up to 30 hours a week with a sponsoring industrial company. Students have been hired to work with several companies including Honda Manufacturing of Alabama, Bridgewater Interiors, Tape Craft, and more.

What sets this program apart from others is how students had to earn their positions. Students are describing this new opportunity as “the best of both worlds.” Fame students will earn a minimum of $12 per hour from their sponsoring companies during their three day work week.


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