Glencoe Citizens Welcome Home Family Struggling with Leukemia

A Glencoe family received the biggest homecoming welcome from their community hours after their daughter was released from the Children’s Hospital of Alabama. From Birmingham to Glencoe, hundreds of people were lined up outside with signs expressing their love for fourth grader Rozlyn Greene.

Last year, Rozlyn was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia after experiencing severe leg pains. Since her diagnosis, she has been through more than six chemotherapy treatments at the Children’s Hospital of Alabama and Saint Jude’s. With the chemo treatment not working, doctors have sent Rozlyn home with hopes of trying another treatment.

Rozlyn’s dad, Ben Greene took to social media asking for thoughts and prayers for his daughter and asked if members of the community would help welcome home Rozlyn. With the overwhelming amount of support in and around the community, Greene says he knows his family is a part of a great community.

Counselor Kimberly Ginn says she isn’t surprised by the amount of love the community shows during times like this. According to Rozlyn’s father, doctors are working extremely hard to get her a chemo treatment that will work.


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