2020 Best Schools in Calhoun County

Data used from the U.S. Department of Education has rated the top schools in Calhoun County along with the best teachers. The number one best elementary school in the county according to Niche.com is Coldwater with Oxford Elementary at number two. Best middle school has Oxford at number one and C.E. Hanna at second best. Jacksonville High School is rated the overall best public school with Oxford High at number two.

As for the schools with the best teachers, Oxford Elementary and Middle school teachers received an A plus on Niche.com for having the best teachers in the county. C.E. Hanna and Kitty Stone Elementary were rated for having the second best teachers. Ohatchee has the best public high school teachers with Jacksonville noted as second best. The ranking is based on student and parent ratings of teachers, teacher salaries, absenteeism, tenure, and student to teacher ratio.


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