Remembering of 9-11 Victims at Attack Sites

Thursday, September 12, 2019


Across the country, there were dozens of ceremonies honoring those who died 18 years ago in the terrorist attacks. Family members of those who died when the first two planes crashed into both towers of the World Trade Center read those victims’ names out loud today. In all, 157 on the two planes and more than 2,600 people in or around the towers died that day.

At the Pentagon, former President George W. Bush and Defense Secretary Mark Esper participated in a wreath laying ceremony. 125 people inside the Pentagon were killed along with the 64 people on board the plane when hijackers crashed it into the building less than an hour after the world trade centers were attacked.

And in Pennsylvania, hundreds of people gathered at the state’s official memorial for the 9/11 victims. The Garden of Reflection is located in Bucks County. The memorial honors the 40 passengers who died on flight 93. It crashed in a field when a group of passengers fought back against the four hijackers.


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