The Great Alabama 650 Paddle Race

The Great Alabama 650 has begun and 11 competitors are taking on the world’s longest and toughest paddle race. The race is going throughout the Alabama Scenic River Trail, which is the longest river trail in a single state that is 650 miles long.

The race began at Weiss Lake and will end at Fort Morgan in Mobile Bay. Competitors have 10 days to complete the race and there will be a prize of more than $22,000 for the winners. Executive Director Jay Grantland says several people from other countries are participating and this race is sure to bring a lot of attention to the state.

Since the race has begun, 59-year-old endurance kayaker, Salli O’Donnel has been in the lead. She is the only solo female kayaker in the race. O’Donnel’s nearest competitor has consistently been 15 miles behind her. O’Donnel has already traveled more than 200 miles. You can follow along with the progress of the race by viewing the live map on


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