Venecia's Foundation 7th Annual Crap 5K

This month is widely known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month and during the month of October, families and friends show their support for loved ones who are currently fighting breast cancer while some honor those who have lost their lives to it.

Venecia’s Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides aid, support, and comfort to cancer patients and their families. Dozen of foundation supporters were out last night practicing and preparing for this weekend’s 5k run in honor of a woman who lost her battle to breast cancer and women who are currently battling this cancer.

More than 300 runners are expected to participate in this year’s run and the President of Venecia’s Foundation says she couldn’t be happier. Carroll says anyone can still sign up for the 5k run up until 5 minutes before the race begins this Saturday at 7 p.m. For more information, visit Venecia’s Foundation on Facebook.


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