Warehouse Fire in Attalla Continues Burning

Since the fire started early Monday afternoon, more than 150 firefighters from 10 counties have responded. With record breaking outside temperatures, more than 30 firefighters have suffered from heat exhaustion and have had to receive IVs from medical personnel in order to continue fighting the blaze.

Major Milam says that water hydrants near the warehouse have been drained and could not supply the needs for water alone, therefore, several outside departments provided 3,000 gallon tankers to shuttle water on to the site.

The 70,000 square foot building was being used to store paper products and although the outer portions of the building is no longer burning, the center of the building still is.

Community members and organizations have been supplying the firefighters with food, water and air conditioning as they continue to extinguish all flames inside the warehouse. Major Milam says local and state agencies are currently working to determine what caused this fire.


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