City of Gadsden Plans to Restore Historic Fire Station

The City of Gadsden has also approved a plan that will restore and preserve a historic landmark without spending taxpayer dollars. The historic East Gadsden Fire Station has not been suitable for use as a fire station for several decades. The city has agreed to transfer ownership over to a former resident who will do whatever is necessary to renovate and preserve the building. The structure will be renovated back to its original design that dates back to 1929.

Although the building is no longer being used as a fire station, it served as a place that housed narcotics operations for the Gadsden Police Department in addition to other services. The new owner will now work to have the building added to the Historic Register and comply with historic preservation guidelines. Although future plans for the building are still being developed, the City of Gadsden is proud to have this redevelopment launched in the East Gadsden community.


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