Gadsden City Council Announces Road Improvement Project

The Gadsden City Council announced during its annual meeting that significant road improvements are in store at one of the area’s most dangerous intersections. As a result of the Alabama Transportation Rehabilitation and Improvement application submitted by the city, improvements at Highway 431’s Meighan Boulevard and Alabama 291’s Hood Avenue will receive nearly one million dollars in grants for repairs at the foot of the Meighan Bridge. This project will revamp this critical intersection that connects two of the city’s busiest roads.

The goal of the ATRIP-2 program is to focus on public safety, economic growth, and stability of the state and its roads and bridges. This intersection handles heavy traffic volume- including transfer trucks coming off Interstate 759.

The city council believes this project is a key part of the infrastructure improvement plan and will greatly benefit residents of Gadsden, Etowah County and other people who are traveling through the area and along the riverfront.


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