Calhoun County 911 Center New GPS Technology

Thursday, October 10, 2019


A new network has been installed at the Calhoun County 911 center will now allow those who are in need of emergency assistance to contact authorities through text messaging. The new system has increased the efficiency and accuracy for the center to receive calls and texts and connect them directly to first responders throughout the county.


If a person is in need of emergency assistance, their GPS location is now automatically available as soon as you dial or text 911 and the operator will simply just confirm your location. Although a voice phone call is considered the best way to contact emergency responders, Executive Director Kevin Jenkins explains why a text to 911 will sometimes be most useful.


If someone is ever put in a position where they can only text 911, Jenkins says dispatchers will immediately respond just as they would if it was a voice call. Jenkins says he’s proud to have some of the most advanced technology right here in Calhoun County.


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