Anniston City Councilman Talks Guilty Verdict and Future Plans

Anniston City Councilman Ben Little held a press conference earlier today to discuss how he plans to move forward after recently being found guilty of two ethics violations. Last week, a Jefferson County Jury found Little guilty of the misdemeanor charges. Prosecutors said the councilman voted against a plan to declare a list of properties to be nuisances in May of 2017. Two of the properties on the list belonged to Little and prosecutors believed that Little had both financial and conflict of interest in the plan.

According to code enforcement, vehicles were at Little’s two properties that hadn’t been moved for quite some time. However, the councilman said because he already corrected the problems handed out by code enforcement and believed that the nuisance vote didn’t include his properties. Little is scheduled to be back in court for sentencing on December 12th.

Little says he has spent his 16 years on the council fighting for a better quality of life for residents in the community and hopes that other council members can all come together to do what is best for the City of Anniston. Councilman Little says he does not plan on running for City Council for Ward three in the future but currently is not ruling out the possibility of running in the race for Mayor of the City of Anniston in the future.


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