New SenioRx Program in Calhoun County

Like many senior citizens, purchasing medication on a regular basis can be very expensive and sometimes unaffordable. A local organization dedicated to serving people in Calhoun County has created a program to help assist those in need with applying for free drug prescriptions.

Many people who are on Medicare find themselves falling into the “Donut Hole,” where they are left paying full price for medications until the next fiscal cycle. The SenioRx Program at Interfaith Ministries helps residents in Calhoun County apply for the $12 million in free drug prescription through various pharmaceutical companies.

Through SenioRx, there are also programs people can apply for to receive their prescriptions at a low cost. Kathy Gains is the Program Coordinator for SenioRx who says this program has been life changing for hundreds of residents in Calhoun County. Gaines says that the SenioRx Program is not only dedicated to helping senior citizens, but anyone who doesn’t have insurance or their insurance doesn’t cover prescription costs.

So far this year, SenioRx has saved residents nearly $50 million in medication expenses. To find out more information about the SenioRx Program and to see if you qualify, you are encouraged to visit Interfaith Ministries during its regular business hours.


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