Oldest Person to Hike Appalachian Trail in One Year Visits Cheaha State Park

Many people only dream of traveling around the country to experience new places and new heights. It is rare to find someone who has actually lived the dream, let alone being the oldest person to do so. Freeman “Grey Beard” Sanders is an 84-year-old hiker full of adventure, energy, and passion. Sanders has spent the last several years breaking world records, one being the oldest person to ever hike through the entire Appalachian Trail in one calendar year. The hike went through 14 states and was more than 2,100 miles long.

So far this year, the “Grey Beard” has hiked through the second leg of the Eastern Continental Trail in Key West, Florida and is on his way to Appalachian Trial’s Southern Terminus at Springer Mountain, Georgia. On his route, Sanders decided to locate Alabama’s highest point which led him right to through the new High Point Spur Trail at Cheaha State Park.

Sanders says he plans to complete the 1,500 mile hike to Springer Mountain within the next month where he will then hold another age record for completing the hike. The Grey Beard says he’s already began planning his trip for next year where he will hike through the International Appalachian Trail.


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