Pink Heals Fire Truck at GSCC to Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month

A pink truck was stationed on the campus of a local community college earlier today for people to take a moment to reflect and honor fighters and survivors during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The “Pink Heals” fire truck has hundreds of thousands of signatures on it from those who have battled with cancer.

Today students, faculty, staff, and residents were invited to stop by the Joe Ford Parking lot on Gadsden State’s campus to support those who are battling cancer in the community, and honor those who have lost their lives to cancer.

The “Pink Heals” Upper Alabama Chapter brought the fire truck to Gadsden State’s campus today. This pink truck, Lana, is named after the wife of a local firefighter. Pink Heals is on a mission to offer support to people in surrounding communities who are traveling a journey through a disease while also supporting families who lost loved ones to a disease.

To find out what event the pink truck will head to next, visit “Pink Heals Upper Alabama” on Facebook.


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