Recent Study Says Many Baby Food Brands Contain Toxic Materials

A recent study that tested more than 160 baby foods discovered that 95% of the brands tested contained toxic metals that can pose serious threats to healthy brain development in children. However, there are several key steps recommended by experts to help limit your child’s exposure to those dangerous ingredients.

Researchers with “Healthy Babies Bright Futures” discovered that majority of the baby food tested was contaminated with either Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium, or Mercury. This study has people demanding an investigation be done by the Food and Drug Administration.

There are three ways parents can limit the amount of exposure their child has to these toxic metals. Avoid Rice cereals and snacks, they are reportedly the foods that are most Arsenic. Kids should also avoid juice due to the significant source of heavy metals. Experts also say that adding a variety to your child’s meal will help. Parents tend to feed babies the same thing like carrots and sweet potatoes, which reportedly are among the most contaminated.


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