BEST 2019 Robotics Competition

Only the “best of the best” were present at the 2019 GAMEDAY Competition where students were put to the test on how they think, design, build, and implement their ideas. Over the weekend, students from schools across East Alabama participated in the GAMEDAY robotics competition held at Jacksonville State University. Students spent the last six weeks designing, building, and programming robots.

The task for this year’s competition was to design and build a robot that can restore the power grid in the immediate aftermath of a disaster by performing tasks such as cleaning up debris and reconnecting power lines. The competition exposed students to more opportunities other than building robots.

The overall BEST winners of the GAMEDAY Competition were Episcopal Day School, Oak Mountain High School, and Pleasant Valley High School. The winners will advance to the regional South’s BEST competition in December on the campus of Auburn University. Local competition winners from five states will be a part of the regional competition.


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