UrKeys2Drive Summit in Oxford Civic Center

Operating a vehicle requires you to not only be aware of your surroundings, but to also be clear minded, focused and not distracted. An event was held today for young drivers on how to practice safe driving and to recognize when someone may be driving impaired. The “Your Keys to Drive” Summit talks about the hard-hitting truths about driving distracted or impaired.

Mike Lutzenkirchen, father of former Auburn football player, Philip Lutzenkirchen, created the “Lutzie-43” Foundation to honor his son, who tragically passed away after being involved in an accident with a drunk driver in 2014. Mike now travels across the country teaching young adults the importance of safe driving in order to prevent other tragic accidents caused by impaired and unsafe drivers. During the summit, Mike discussed the foundation’s newest initiative called, “43 Key Seconds.”

The 43 Key Seconds initiative serves as a reminder for drivers to take 43 seconds when you get into the car to clear your mind, your hands, and eyes before buckling your seatbelt and starting the car. Mike used to struggle with the reality of knowing that his son’s story might not encourage everyone to do the right thing, but now, he has a new perspective on the outcome of encouraging just one person.

To learn more about the foundation and its “43 Key Seconds” initiative, visit www.LUTZIE43.org.


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