Gadsden Seeks Input for Noccalula Corridor Improvements

A team of design professionals were in Gadsden over the weekend to meet with residents along with various stakeholders to figure out how to improve the Noccalula Corridor. The City of Gadsden has been searching for ways to build on its recent investments in the area and the Noccalula Corridor has the potential to bring more to quality of life in the city.

Architects, planners, and landscape architects attended the community involvement meeting at the Kiwanis Pavilion on behalf of the The DesignPlace Program. DesignPlace has chosen to partner with Gadsden to help make the Corridor more attractive and it’s important that the people in the community have a hand in the planning and designing project.

Bias says the community involvement meetings were a success as the design team received great feedback and information from residents. The DesignPlace team will now take information gathered from the meetings, refine the drawings of the corridor in addition to putting together a plan to present to the community next year.


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