Classrooms Reflecting Communities Act

The teacher shortage crisis throughout the state has educators calling for some serious changes. During the 2017-2018 school year in Alabama, more than 1,700 teachers in grades 7th through 12th were not certified in English, math, social studies, or special education classes to which they were assigned. And in 70 schools across the state, 10% or more of the teachers are working without full certification. Earlier today U.S. Senator Doug Jones introduced a legislation that would alleviate the teacher shortage crisis in rural parts of the state.

The “Classrooms Reflecting Communities Act” would authorize competitive grants for schools in an effort to recruit diverse teacher candidates while also supporting them as they work to receive a teacher certification or licensure. Senator Jones believes that this bill will help incentivize the recruitment and retention of teachers who are invested in their communities and reflect the diversity of the students they teach.


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