New UrSafe App

A new app has just been launched that will automatically call 911 and record emergencies. All you have to do is just say your safe word. Created by an Air Force Veteran and two medical professionals, the “UrSafe App” allows the user to call out their safe word in the event of an emergency or any life threatening situation. The device will instantly record the incident, send the person’s name to police and store a streamed video on a designated person’s smartphone.

The hands free option is programmed to the owner’s voice, so no one else can trigger it. UrSafe’s creators are partnering with 911 centers so calls will be sent to the nearest emergency dispatch center instead of to the caller’s area code. The company hopes ride-share companies, dating apps and the military will also embrace the app. “UrSafe” can be downloaded on to any android or IOS device.


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