Calhoun County School District Wi-Fi On the Go

The Calhoun County School System is now offering mobile WiFi for students, parents, and district employees so that they will have access to school work and information, no matter where they are.

“WiFi on the Go” provides users with unlimited nationwide wireless internet through T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network using a wireless broadband HotSpot device that will work anywhere T-Mobile’s service is available. The program has no data limits, no contract, or extra fees. Users simply make monthly donations to the school system in order to use the service.

Turner says participants can sign up online for “WiFi on the Go” using the Calhoun County Schools System’s website. Since the program launched in December, Turner says 85 people have signed up for the program. A portion of the donations received will go towards investing into 21st century learning environments that will benefit the students.


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