Etowah County Council on Aging Introduces New Guardianship Program

A major fear within the elderly population is the possibility of being abused or exploited, particularly at the hands of caregivers. One local non-profit has created a program to help educate guardians on what to look for when being responsible for an elderly person. The Council on Aging in Etowah County has partnered with RSVP to create the Guardianship Monitoring and Assistance Program.

When court-appointed guardians are left with the responsibility of caring for an elderly person, they do not always know what to expect. The new program will provide education, resources and monitoring for the guardians to ensure the senior citizen is well cared for, and safe from abuse or financial exploitation.

The partnership will consist of the COA using retired DHR workers to monitor the elderly to ensure they are being well taken care of. The RSVP will use retired tax workers to do the auditing to ensure there is no financial exploitation. Grace says if there are any discrepancies, a report will go back to the probate’s office and one could lose guardianship if the senior citizen isn’t being taken care of.

Grace says volunteers are still welcome to be a part of the new program. For more information about the Guardianship Monitoring Program, visit the Council on Aging during regular business hours.


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