Breakfast of Census Champions in Calhoun County

Census day is quickly approaching and it’s imperative residents understand the importance of the upcoming 2020 census. The Calhoun County Area Chamber and Visitor’s Center held an event for members to help inform and prepare them to go out into their communities and assist others in getting the accurate word out about the Census. A representative of the U.S. Census Bureau participated in the Breakfast of Census Champions to explain why the public’s participation is so important.

Although April 1st is known as Census Day, residents will begin receiving information cards in the mail as early as the second week in March, on how to complete the Census. Green also says this year is the first year where residents will also be able to complete the census online.

If you would like to learn more about the 2020 Census, JSU will be hosting “Census Night” at the basketball game on February 20th.


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