GSCC Offers Stress Management for First Responders

First responders are people who have specialized training and are among the first to arrive at the scene of an emergency, like natural disasters and accidents. However, most first responders are not trained on how to deal with the stress and trauma caused from providing assistance to those emergencies. A local community college is providing a class to first responders to help them learn how to manage their stress before it manages them.

The Stress Management session for first responders was held today at Gadsden State Community College’s Ayers campus. During this two-hour session, first responders were educated on how to best cope with working in an environment filled with stress and trauma over the course of their careers along with the daily stress of helping people in crisis situations.

A second Stress Management for First Responders session will be held Friday at the East Broad Campus in Gadsden. The class is free for first responders to attend. For more information, visit Gadsden State’s website.


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