Etowah County Impact Center Grand Opening

The Etowah County Sheriff’s Office has created a center to help re-establish lives once they are released from the detention center. The “Impact Center” will provide rehabilitation and equip inmates with life skills and education for a successful life post-incarceration. At the center, there will be two types of programs, a 10 day program and a 70 day program. The 10 day program will be for first time offenders or people aging from 18-23.

Etowah County Sheriff Johnathon Horton says fine details are still being decided but over all, these programs have been created to give them a “Wake-up call.” Although this program has been created to give inmates a second chance, Sheriff Horton says they’re still responsible for changing their own lives and this program will just give them the tools to do so.

The 112 bed facility will first take in 20 inmates in February to get them acclimated into the environment. Sheriff Horton believes this program could not only improve inmates lives, but also renovate the community.


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