Flooding Concerns and Heavy Rainfall for the Majority of the State

A flood warning has been issued for Central Cherokee county due to potential flooding along Weiss Lake along with flash flood warnings throughout surrounding counties. Emergency Management Officials from several counties are urging home and property owners to begin taking the necessary steps to protect their personal belongings.

Majority of the state has experienced heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, and flooded areas. The National Weather Service in Birmingham projects that flooding can and will be seen not only in flood prone areas, but also in areas that typically do not flood.

Drivers, if you come across a road covered in water, do not try to drive through it. Because of recent heavy rains and the more that’s expected, Alabama Power will continue operating spillway gates at Weiss, Henry, Logan Martin, Lay and Jordan dams on the Coosa River.

Alabama Power is expecting several lakes to rise well above their normal summer levels and residents around the lakes are urged to pay close attention to the changing weather conditions.


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