5th Grade Students Participate in Gentlemen Classes at Piedmont Elementary

Students at Piedmont Elementary school took today to learn some valuable lessons on how to be the perfect gentlemen. Today’s gentlemen class was taught by head football coach Steve Smith. The 5th grade students learned how to give a firm handshake, make eye-contact, and how to introduce themselves with confidence.

This is the second year Piedmont Elementary has conducted this five day class for students and the outpouring community support proves that the gentlemen class is important for the school to continue offering to students.

Stewart says other schools have also begun implementing the gentlemen’s class into their school programs. Earlier this week, the 5th graders learned how to tie a tie and Stewart says they’ve been wearing them to school proudly ever since which shows that they are responding to the program very well.

Other community members and mentors who assisted with the gentlemen classes were Mayor Bill Baker, Police Chief Freddie Norton, and several Jacksonville State football players.


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