Quality of Life Hosts “Hearts in Motion” and "All of Us" Comes to Gadsden

Quality of Life in Gadsden held an event today to encourage people to learn about healthy ways to improve their lives. Participants of the “Hearts in Motion” event learned about ways to exercise, and eat healthy. Several vendors were also at the event to educate participants on healthier food and healthcare choices.

One specific group that participated in today’s “Heart in Motion” event was the “All of Us” Journey Bus. “All of Us” is a research program led by the National Institutes of Health to help speed up health research and medical breakthroughs by voluntarily gathering health information from one million or more people in order to build the largest and most diverse health database of its kind. Researchers will then study the data to better understand health and disease to help improve generations to come.

To find out how you can get involved with “All of Us” Research Group, visit Quality of Life in Gadsden during its regular business hours or log on to joinallofus.org


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