Homeless Shelter Plan On Hold in Anniston

The proposed plan to open a homeless shelter in Anniston has caused a lot of controversy since the idea surfaced. During Tuesday's city council meeting, members agreed to postpone the proposal to address the public’s concerns. The proposed plan was to take the former nursing home that sits on Leighton Avenue and transform it into a homeless shelter that would be operated by United Way of East Central Alabama along with three other non-profits.

After the plan was made public, neighbors and business owners who live nearby the building expressed their concerns about an increasing amount of traffic that would be created if it opened as a homeless shelter. Organizations in favor of the plan announced last year a $300,000 grant that would help open a new shelter to provide services to help the homeless get back on their feet.

Earlier this year, the building was donated to the City of Anniston on behalf of Noland Health Services.


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