Etowah County Neighborhood Bridges

Communities that help one another, grow together. A website that’s used to bridge community needs, and neighborly support has come to Etowah County. Neighborhood Bridges is a charitable organization that uses technology and social media to advocate for children and families in need. This website’s main focus is to display acts of kindness while also supporting students in the community so that they have an equal opportunity to be successful in the classroom.

The website is easy to navigate, simply just search Etowah County and there will be a list of open needs and opportunities to show kindness. If you are able to fulfill some of those needs, click the “I Can Help” tab and simply follow the instructions on how to help. Currently, there are open needs for students at Rainbow City Middle, Southside Elementary and High Schools. Townsel shares why this website will be beneficial to the community.

All donations should be dropped off at the City of Southside Fire Department and the Rainbow City Fire Department during regular business hours. For more information, visit


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