Statewide Health Order Issued to Contain COVID-19

In another effort to contain the spread of COVID-19 in the state, Governor Kay Ivey and the Alabama Department of Public Health have issued a statewide health order that will go into effect immediately and will stay in place for the next two weeks. The health order states that all state beaches, public or private, are to close immediately. It also prohibits any and all restaurants and bars from allowing customers to eat or drink at the establishment. All food and drinks must be “take-out or delivery.”

All preschools and childcare centers must close and all elective dental and medical procedures are to be delayed. Hospitals and nursing homes are no longer allowed to have visitors or non-essential health care personnel. All gatherings of 25 people or more that cannot maintain a consistent 6ft distance between each person is also prohibited. This statewide health order will be in effect until April 5th.


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