Laundromat Remains Open to Serve Community

Practicing good hygiene is important, especially during the pandemic. But many people who don’t have direct access to washers and dryers have to rely on laundromats near their neighborhoods. With businesses no longer offering services, one local laundromat wants people to know that they’re open to help those in need while following all the CDC guidelines to ensure its customers are safe.

Washin’ Coin Laundry and Golden Springs Laundry are locally owned and operated businesses in Calhoun County. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has forced a lot of businesses to temporarily close or downsize, the laundromats have to stay open so that customers can have clean clothes and sheets for their homes. Social distancing measures are still being encouraged and heavily forced at the laundromats. There is also a mobile pick-up and delivery option for people who can’t leave their homes to wash and dry their laundry.

Barrett says he also has laundry options available for healthcare professionals and first responders.


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