Calhoun County EMA Request for More Medical Supplies

In response to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic nationwide, the Calhoun County Emergency Management Agency has made a request for more medical supplies and assistance to support the projected impact on local healthcare facilities, workers, and first responders. A press conference was recently held with the Calhoun County EMA and several city mayors. During the press conference, residents were provided with updated information on how the County Infectious Disease Task Force has been dealing with COVID-19 and the potential impact it could have on the community.

EMA Director Micheal Barton says more than 700 local first responders and healthcare workers have been trained on the essentials, and how to protect themselves and each other from the virus. The task force has also been looking for ways to resource protective gear. Barton says that more than 27,000 pieces of personal protective equipment has been delivered to first responders and professional healthcare workers, but more is desperately needed.


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