UPDATE: Statewide and Nationwide COVID-19 Numbers

With the state now under a “Stay at Home” order, there are now over 2,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Alabama. Currently, the number of confirmed cases has climbed to 2,006. 32 patients with the virus have died and there are at least 50 reported deaths associated with COVID-19.

In Calhoun County, there are 38 confirmed cases. In Etowah County, there are 42 confirmed cases, two deaths, and three reported deaths from the virus. Since March 13th, 240 patients have been hospitalized due to COVID-19.

Looking at the worldwide numbers according to the John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center, there are more than 1.3 million cases worldwide, with more than 350,000 of those cases right here in the United States. The total number of deaths around the world is more than 73,000 while nearly 300,000 patients have fully recovered from the virus.


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