COVID-19 Unified Command System Establishes Guide for Priorities

To help lead the response against the increasing coronavirus pandemic, the Calhoun County COVID-19 Unified Command System has established a guide for what is to be considered “priorities” during this time. The incident commanders in the Unified Command are a group of first responders and healthcare professionals in the county that are responsible for the entire operation. The purpose of establishing the county level unified command is to ensure the County’s response is coordinated and organized to properly support the hospitals, EMS, and other first responders. It will also provide a platform that allows for the integration of local, state, and federal agencies to operate under one unified overall management structure. Incident commanders have put together a guide of priorities for all members in the Unified Command System to follow on a day-by-day basis.

According to Barton, the final priority is the supply of necessary resources to meet the incident objectives. This includes sources and logistics for PPE, critical medications, ventilators, and coronavirus testing resources. Barton says all the priorities are equally important and each priority is assigned to a team to ensure that Calhoun County is responding the best way possible to the community’s needs during the pandemic.

Barton says the command system is an added responsibility for those involved -to continue doing the mission that they’re called to do, while still fighting the battle against COVID-19.


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