Wind Damage Recovery Efforts Continue Across Calhoun County

Recovery efforts are still underway after a severe wind storm came through East Alabama early Thursday morning, damaging property items, homes, and power lines. Calhoun County Emergency Management Agency Director Micheal Barton gave a countywide wind damage update this afternoon to confirm three dozen homes have damage, and nearly 1,000 residents were still without power. To help assistance with recovery efforts, several volunteer disaster groups are now active throughout the county, helping residents clean up debris and restore the damage to their homes.

Lisa Carter’s home in the Saks area suffered significant damage. Trees had fallen on top of her vehicles and on her home while she and her family were asleep early Thursday morning. Carter said she immediately called the Calhoun Baptist Association Disaster Relief Team who sent volunteers out to begin removing debris and making necessary repairs to her home. Carter said she’s beyond thankful for the volunteers and how supportive they have been through the process.

The Calhoun Baptist Association Disaster Relief is made up of hundreds of volunteers from southern baptist churches within the county who are certified in disaster relief efforts. Scotty Duke, Coordinator for the Disaster Relief group shares what he enjoys most about being a part of this team.


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