Making Progress in Battle Against COVID-19 in Calhoun County

Calhoun County is making good progress in its battle of COVID-19. That’s the word today from Emergency Management Director Michael Barton. As of today, Calhoun County has 93 confirmed cases of COVID-19. According to the EMA, there are no new COVID-19 related deaths to report in Calhoun County, so that number stands at three.

Barton also said that RMC has fewer COVID 19 patients being treated right now than 5 weeks ago. There are three patients who’ve tested positive being treated at RMC along with two others with symptoms and just one is on a ventilator. Barton attributes these improved numbers to the proactiveness of the people in the county.

RMC’s Chief of Staff said the hospital plans to resume elective surgeries at the hospital on Monday, but they will perform those procedures on an outpatient basis in an effort to be as careful as possible while still serving the community.

Officials also said Calhoun County’s average for testing people for COVID-19 is above the state and national average. They said this also helped with containing the spread of the illness.


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