Gov. Ivey Announces Safer At Home Expansion Starting May 11th

That was Governor Kay Ivey addressing the state after she announced the expansion of the “Safer at Home” Order which will allow the reopening of more businesses across the state.

Under the expansion, barber shops, salons, gyms, and restaurants will be allowed to reopen with certain restrictions. They will be required to increase cleaning efforts, limit occupancy inside buildings, and in some cases, require the use of face masks. Social distancing rules will remain in place but the ban on non work gatherings of ten or more people will be lifted Monday as well. Governor Ivey believes that while it's important to remain focused on our physical health, she also wants to acknowledge that more can be done to address the state’s economic health.

The expansion does not include changes to nightclubs, daycare facilities, bowling alleys, theaters, or any other large entertainment venues. State Health Officer, Doctor Scott Harris projects that more outbreaks will occur as the economy reopens, but he predicts the state will be well prepared to deal with them.


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