Deployment Ceremony Held for AL National Guard in Jacksonville

For many, this past weekend was a celebration for mothers who have sacrificed for their families. But for 27 men, this weekend was a bitter-sweet celebration as they prepare to head across the world to fight for our country. The Alabama National Guard Armory in Jacksonville held a Deployment Ceremony for the 27 men of the 666th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Company, otherwise known as the “Triple Six.” The men are a part of a disposal bomb unit, who will deploy out to the Middle East for 10 months.

The soldiers were initially scheduled for deployment 30-days ago but with the state being under a “State of Emergency,” they were required to stay until that order had been lifted. This ceremony was very different from any other deployment ceremony because of COVID-19, no family members were allowed. Operations Officer Cameron McDaniel says despite the unforeseen circumstances that wouldn’t allow his family to see him off, he knows that soon, others will be reunited with their families.

McDaniel says this is his first deployment with “Triple Six” and although he’ll be away from his family for an extended period of time, he’s excited to be of service for his country. McDaniel shares what his combat unit will be responsible for while overseas.

The “Triple Six” will be going to the area covered by Central Command, which is in charge of operations in the Middle East and Central Asia.


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