City of Talladega Calls for Superintendent to Resign After Questionable Text Message

Some people are calling for the Superintendent of Talladega City Schools to resign after he mistakenly sent a questionable text message to school board members. The local NAACP gathered parents, city leaders, and other people in the community to hold a press conference regarding the incident involving superintendent Tony Ball, Chairwoman Mary McGhee, and board member Sandra Beavers. Ball referred to the two black women as “My Village Idiots” in a text message intended for someone else, which he mistakenly sent in a group text message to the entire school board. Talladega County NAACP President Reverend Hugh Morris says this isn’t the first time Ball has made distasteful remarks and has gotten away with it.

Morris also addressed other issues within the school system that have surfaced since Ball has been in office. Morris says Ball’s comments and actions have given the city a “Blackeye” in a time when positive things are needed to in order to draw people to the city. The Superintendent’s contract is up for renewal this month, and there is no word on what decision will be made regarding his renewal.


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